Gifs about my husband’s cancer

When someone is trying to have a normal conversation with you but your brain is sitting there like:


When a DJ tries to tell you about the macronutrients you should be eating to cure cancer without chemo because he watched a YouTube documentary one time:


Walking around the hospital bathrooms like: 


When you set up a page for medical updates but people text you for updates anyway:


When a casual acquaintance asks if cancer affects your sex life:


What is watching a bone marrow biopsy like? 


When someone complains about their common cold:


When you’re given steroids at midnight: 

giphy 12.02.55 PM.gif

Looking in your handbag like: 


One thought on “Gifs about my husband’s cancer

  1. Jeff we love you and pray for you daily, it seems you have snagged one hell of a woman as well. May GOD continue to bless you and keep you. Love N Hugs,
    Dorothie (Marsha’s sister) and Ed Flickinger


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